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Energy Optimisation

GF Sustainable saves you money through reducing the amount of energy you use and reducing the price you pay for that energy.

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Throughout Ireland and the UK, there are many facilities relying on dated technology, that are oversized, that clash with other systems, and that operate when not required to do so. Add in an increased cost to service and maintain and it’s not long before those issues are scaled up.

GF Sustainable will refine your existing systems to optimise energy efficiency, without any compromise to performance. Having the skill set to design, develop, manufacture and implement a technology specific to your project needs, and to concept engineer an energy management solution for same, is what makes GF Sustainable a leader in the field of energy management.  The improvement is measureable, with immediate financial benefits.

We also specialise in funding mechanisms, so you beneift in the long term. “We work with you”, to afford you all the above benefits.

Space and Water Heating

At the heart of many of GF Sustainable’s solutions is the Ilios Water Heater. A highly efficient heat pump, this product uses natural gas or LPG to deliver heat directly into your building or process.

Employing a combination of technologies designed to boost it’s efficiency, it has a comparatively minimal impact on the environment.  Reducing hot water generation costs by using less energy, it also emits less greenhouse gases. It is a tremendous alternative to conventional systems, “offering the economic alternative to gas or oil fired boilers”.


Applications with significant hot-water requirements, such as swimming pools & leisure centres, hospitals, hotels, apartment blocks, schools, food processing plants, etc., each experience significant savings by using this product.

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Using a natural gas or LPG fuelled engine to drive a compressor, fuel consumption and carbon emissions are reduced significantly over conventional systems.  Free waste heat from the engine is captured and reclaimed to boost the unit’s capacity and efficiency. With a minimal electrical power requirement, it will deliver hot water at anything between 40oc to 71oc.

The unit is also modular and scalable to serve larger thermal loads, boasting a potential 50% reduction in carbon footprint, which equates to savings of up to 100 tons of carbon per year at typical installations.

The installed cost is the same whether the heat pump runs around the clock or not at all. For each hour it runs, this product saves fuel in comparison with less efficient, conventional equipment. It’s designed so that it’s first to energise and last to shut off.

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If you have a hot water requirement, GF Sustainable will carry out a free feasibility study to determine the benefits of this product for your facility. Contacting us might be the most cost effective decision that you ever make.


Where there is a heat requirement, often the opposite is also the case.

GF Sustainable engineers are also expert in refrigeration and cooling systems,  having delivered everything from small chillers to maintaining server rooms, right up to multistorey cooling towers.

Indeed our Ilios Water Heater above has the potential to offer both heating and cooling, ideal for food processing facilities for example, whereby both services are used at different stages.

Tell us your requirements….we’ll show you how.


Our high efficiency systems do require continual monitoring to ensure they remain operating at their target.  As with any system, regular maintenance also minimises downtime, inconvenience and cost.

Making our team of experienced technicians and our research and design engineers available to maintain your system, is a key part to our business which in turn maximises your business potential, by allowing us to minimise your downtime and maximize your efficiency.

Often is the case that 1 hour of downtime on our high efficiency systems will far outway the cost of 1 hour of our trained technician.

Our Approach

GF Sustainable will carry out a “free” appraisal of your current energy usage costs. We will be precise and clear about how we will reduce your expenditure.

No gain, no project …we don’t make projects for the sake of a project! On the other hand, if we are able to identify savings, the solution will be kept as simple as possible …we do not ‘blind with science’.

We will begin by assessing the characteristics of your business on consumption levels, working with you to establish a top-down analysis of cost, kWh and carbon reduction opportunities.

Further to this “free” review, our site survey will include:

  • Kick-off meeting (on-site) with relevant managers to establish the scope and characteristics of the organisation and broader business objectives.
  • Collation of energy and water consumption data – from this analysis we will be able to identify areas of opportunity allowing us to focus our efforts, thus savings time and money.
  • Site Analysis / Feasibility Audit to identify the scope.
  • Modelling of resource and cost saving calculations carried out by GF Sustainable.
  • Sizing and quantification of the opportunity (total savings, capital requirements, return on investment)
  • Proposal submitted on recommendations for focusing and prioritising investment

Subject to satisfactory approval by you, GF Sustainable will then implement a full turnkey solution.


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