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Ardscoil Rath Iomghain, Kildare.

Project Description

With the most efficient hot water generation facility in any Irish school, Ardscoil Rath Iomghain leads the way in green energy.

Ardscoil Rath Iomghain is a secondary level school in Co. Kildare, educating over 1000 students with a staff in excess of 70.

In a project coordinated between GF Sustainable, the school and the Kildare VEC, this project features the first Ilios Water Heater to be installed in Ireland.  In addition, an intelligent system of control was implemented to give pupils and staff a comfortable daily environment.

The school used a pair of traditional oil-fired central heating boiler plant to provide heating for the school (with direct water heating produced by electric heaters separate to this).  This boiler plant was more than 10 years old and whilst 80% efficiency might have be targeted, the actual efficiency was closer to 70%.

With the cost of heating oil having soaring since 2000, and a coinciding reduction in winter temperatures due to global warming, the school was being put under increasing financial pressure to maintain a comfortable environment for it’s pupils and staff.

GF Sustainable with its partners in Calor Gas, designed a solution for the school using the Ilios Water Heater, by converting one of existing oil boilers for use with LPG, and by implementing a system of intelligent control.

The project was delivered during the autumn of 2013.  The school now enjoys a 40% reduction in running costs, and remote fingertip control of the building control systems.

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